WCR Best International Financial Services Partner 2024

News release

World Commerce Review is pleased to announce that BVI Finance has been awarded the WCR Best International Financial Services Partner 2024.

The judges observed the commitment to detail and customer care provided by BVI Finance and its members. They were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness of customer needs in designing innovative tools to address them in smart, efficient ways that improve speed of service of both BVI Finance and its customers. They were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness of their members, who have demonstrated a sophisticated approach to sustainability for their human capital and clients. 2022 brought this into focus and the judges commend all those shortlisted and our winners for excellence of operation and standards during these unprecedented times.

The World Commerce Review awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of endeavour. Our award programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market. The World Commerce Review awards are recognised as the principal indications of professional conduct and excellence. The selection panel took into account product innovation, on-going customer support and best practice criteria as well as a continuing commitment to deploying the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients.

About World Commerce Review

WCR is the principal B2B publication available today, enjoying editorial and advertising support from some of the world’s leading business and political organisations. WCR exists to realise the potential of globalisation, reviewing the legal, financial and system requirements of 21st century business. Today’s corporate business environment requires strategic planning that is flexible and progressive. WCR provides a balanced, objective view of the political, regulatory, cultural, legal, financial and economic requirements needed to form an effective strategy for taking advantage of the opportunities that globalisation offers. WCR is a seamless guide for use at boardroom and government level. WCR is the global trade and finance platform.

About BVI Finance

BVI Finance is the voice of the British Virgin Islands’ financial services industry; marketing and promoting its products and services, as well as managing and maintaining its excellent reputation as a premier international business and finance centre. The BVI has established itself as the leading provider of offshore financial services, not only due to its best-in-class innovative regulatory regime and business-friendly environment, but also through BVI Finance’s presence at conferences and trade events in our core and emerging markets, and support in maintaining a strong relationship with key stakeholders both locally and internationally. To retain the jurisdiction’s competitiveness, BVI Finance partners with local and international practitioners, media outlets and investors in emerging and traditional markets.

For their continued diligence and excellence in this field, and in recognition of their innovation, expertise and services, WCR is proud to award BVI Finance the WCR Best International Financial Services Partner 2024.

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