thought leadership


A tale of two treatises

In the process towards European economic and monetary union, two reports played crucial roles. Ivo Maes focuses on the Werner and Delors Reports, capturing the key ideas and debates on the EMU process and the birth of the euro


Interpreting the Dutch general election

The Dutch election could be a litmus test for 2024 elections. Patrick van Schie provides an insight into the November election


Can AI prevent financial crises?

Financial markets have inherent instability. Daniel Dăianu considers the role of AI but finds it hard to imagine a complete replacement of human judgment in monetary policy


The 56-billion-dollar question

Some worry about the concentration of power accumulated by some charismatic leaders. Sverre Spoelstra asks how valuable is Elon Musk’s ‘charismatic’ leadership?


Can AI change economic logic and bring abundance for all?

Daniel Daianu asks if AI can address imbalances between needs and resources sustainably by bringing about abundance for all?


Accelerating strategic investment in the EU beyond 2026

The EU has to manage the climate and digital transitions and achieve greater economic resilience. Maria Demertzis, David Pinkus and Nina Ruer discuss the potential EU approach to funding strategic objectives