Global Economy


ATA Carnets as a game-changer for Paris 2024

International Chamber of Commerce discuss the role of the ATA Carnet at 60 years old, as it continues to go from strength to strength serving business communities worldwide and adapting to the digital era


How the Ukraine war changed the global sanctions landscape

The sanctions imposed have created significant uncertainty and complex compliance challenges. Brent Connor, John Pearson, Henrietta Worthington and Jaime Rosenberg write that businesses will need to ensure their compliance processes are in order and adapt to any further changes


Instruments of economic security

Geopolitical and economic developments have raised concerns about the EU’s exposure to hostile countries. Conor McCaffrey and Niclas Poitiers assess the nature of this threat and outline lessons that can be drawn


Rippling out

Biden’s tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles will impact Europe. Uri Dadush on how the US approach diverges from that of the EU, which is building a case for countervailing duties under WTO rules


Global economic fracturing

The effects of economic fracturing are intertwined with broader, longer-term shifts in trade, investment and GVCs. Bruno Casella, Richard Bolwijn and Francesco Casalena highlight ten FDI trends and their development implications


How geopolitics is changing trade

There has been a rise in trade restrictions since the US-China tariff war and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Costanza Bosone, Ernest Dautović, Michael Fidora and Giovanni Stamato explore the impact of geopolitical tensions on trade flows