China’s doom loop

Jose Caballero examines China’s demographic trends and argues that a dramatically smaller (and older) population could create a devastating global slowdown


The 56-billion-dollar question

Some worry about the concentration of power accumulated by some charismatic leaders. Sverre Spoelstra asks how valuable is Elon Musk’s ‘charismatic’ leadership?


Asbestos: a time bomb that needs to be defused

Asbestos is responsible for 90,000 deaths annually in Europe. Tony Musu presents a clear case for why it is time for the EU to defuse the asbestos time bomb once and for all


Making industrial policy work

The decarbonisation of the automotive industry is creating a skills shortage. Conor McCaffrey and Niclas Poitiers argue for EU member states to allow the EU to get more involved in skill policies


New technologies in the workplace

The slow but steady uptake of AI in Europe impacts the quantity, quality and nature of jobs as well as worker wellbeing. Laura Nurski provides a round-up of project research


Rebalancing AI

There is a lot of optimism about AI and increased productivity. Daron Acemoğlu and Simon Johnson warn that to support shared prosperity, AI must complement workers, not replace them