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The dollar’s international role

The dollar is by far the dominant currency. Christopher Waller does not expect to see the US dollar lose its status as the world’s reserve currency anytime soon


The pervasive influence of political composition on circuit court decisions

Each year, the US Circuit Courts of Appeals consider thousands of appeals on the rulings of federal district courts. Alma Cohen examines whether the identity of the politicians that appoint judges to these courts can help predict outcomes in these cases


After USTR’s move, global governance of digital trade is fraught with unknowns

The US has dropped its support for unhindered international digital trade. Patrick Leblond argues that it now makes an e-commerce agreement at the WTO more likely


The new economics of industrial policy

Industrial policy is at the heart of modern economic policy. Réka Juhász, Nathaniel Lane and Dani Rodrik assess the latest research and consider how to do industrial policy well


Improving the contestability of e-commerce in two jurisdictions: the Amazon case

Improving competition in digital markets is a priority for the governments in both the United States and Europe. Fiona Scott Morton considers how Amazon’s alleged conduct controls prices on rival marketplaces


Responsible innovation in money and payments

Innovations in money and payments continue to be of primary importance. Michelle Bowman caution against solutions that could disrupt and disintermediate the banking system