A tale of two treatises

In the process towards European economic and monetary union, two reports played crucial roles. Ivo Maes focuses on the Werner and Delors Reports, capturing the key ideas and debates on the EMU process and the birth of the euro


Decisions ahead and takeaways for the European Union

Alicia García-Herrero argues the EU should try to attract more business from Taiwan, though Taiwan’s January 2024 election hasn’t made the job easier


Smarter EU industrial policy for solar panels

The EU plans to double solar PV capacity by 2030. Ben McWilliams, Simone Tagliapietra and Cecilia Trasi argue that the EU carry on importing from China but implement an industrial policy that intervenes in sectors that are more likely to contribute to sustainable economic growth


The tide has turned

Chinese export dominance is no longer confined to low-wage sectors. Klaus Friesenbichler, Agnes Kügler and Andreas Reinstaller suggest a series of possible policy responses


Unresolved business

Lucio Vinhas de Souza examines the institutional and financial implications of past and future EU enlargements and argues that the progress made towards Ukrainian accession has direct implications for the other candidate countries of Moldova and Georgia


Adapting the EU AI Act to deal with generative artificial intelligence

Generative AI might hold enormous promise, but its risks have also been noted. The European Union’s draft AI Act already needs to be revised to account for the opportunities and harms of generative AI, J Scott Marcus argues