China’s doom loop

Jose Caballero examines China’s demographic trends and argues that a dramatically smaller (and older) population could create a devastating global slowdown


Decisions ahead and takeaways for the European Union

Alicia García-Herrero argues the EU should try to attract more business from Taiwan, though Taiwan’s January 2024 election hasn’t made the job easier


The tide has turned

Chinese export dominance is no longer confined to low-wage sectors. Klaus Friesenbichler, Agnes Kügler and Andreas Reinstaller suggest a series of possible policy responses


Advancing the rejuvenation of China

China, the world’s second-largest economy, has endured a challenging 2023. Xi Jinping looks at the fundamentals that will sustain long-term growth


Assessing China’s efforts to increase self-reliance

Since 2018 China has pursued a clear, stated objective of self-reliance. Francois de Soyres and Dylan Moore investigate the extent to which China is making progress towards its goals


Can Chinese growth defy gravity?

Alicia García-Herrero discusses China’s growth potential, identifying the main challenges and the factors that could mitigate China’s structural deceleration