Bridging the innovation gap

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Zhuoying You show how artificial intelligence and robotics present a potential solution to the innovation gap problem for cities in China


Advancing China’s economic growth

China is approaching a fork in the road: rely on the policies that have worked in the past or update its policies for a new era of high-quality growth. Kristalina Georgieva discusses


A framework for geoeconomics

Countries use their economic strength to achieve geopolitical goals. Christopher Clayton, Matteo Maggiori and Jesse Schreger present a novel framework to understand how a hegemon in the international system exerts its power within its economic network


China’s doom loop

Jose Caballero examines China’s demographic trends and argues that a dramatically smaller (and older) population could create a devastating global slowdown


Decisions ahead and takeaways for the EU

Alicia García-Herrero argues the EU should try to attract more business from Taiwan, though Taiwan’s January 2024 election hasn’t made the job easier


The tide has turned

Chinese export dominance is no longer confined to low-wage sectors. Klaus Friesenbichler, Agnes Kügler and Andreas Reinstaller suggest a series of possible policy responses