A tale of two treatises

In the process towards European economic and monetary union, two reports played crucial roles. Ivo Maes focuses on the Werner and Delors Reports, capturing the key ideas and debates on the EMU process and the birth of the euro


Can AI prevent financial crises?

Financial markets have inherent instability. Daniel Dăianu considers the role of AI but finds it hard to imagine a complete replacement of human judgment in monetary policy


The dollar’s international role

The dollar is by far the dominant currency. Christopher Waller does not expect to see the US dollar lose its status as the world’s reserve currency anytime soon


Advancing crossborder payments and financial inclusion

Payments are a vital part of the global and interconnected financial ecosystem. Michelle Bowman considers the evolving payments landscape


The real effects of trade financing by export credit agencies

Trade finance subsidies, usually provided by export credit agencies, are the predominant tool of industrial policy. Poorya Kabir, Adrien Matray, Karsten Müller and Chenzi Xu discuss the effect of the effective shutdown of the Export–Import Bank of the US (EXIM) from 2015—2019 on firm


Can AI change economic logic and bring abundance for all?

Daniel Daianu asks if AI can address imbalances between needs and resources sustainably by bringing about abundance for all?