WCR Best Trade Finance Bank 2024

World Commerce Review is pleased to announce that Euro Exim Bank Limited has been awarded the WCR Best Trade Finance Bank 2024 for the fifth year running


Maintaining the UK’s leading global position in FinTech

The UK’s fintech sector remains resilient. Roberto Napolitano discusses how this leadership in financial innovation can be continued


Why do financial crises happen so often?

Jon Danielsson argues that failures in regulation are a key reason for financial crises, and proposes that the authorities adopt diversification to build a more resilient financial system


How to unlock the AI productivity promise

The rapid adoption of AI is transforming the finance sector. Martijn Groot examines the latest research on the challenges and opportunities in harnessing the AI productivity promise


Bulgaria in the eurozone, when?

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How the new EU fiscal rules can succeed

The EU has enacted new rules that overhaul the Stability and Growth Pact. Lucio Pench considers the issues that need to be addressed to ensure the new fiscal rules succeed