Low-taxed profit of MNEs

The taxation of MNEs is a topic of strong policy interest globally. Felix Hugger, Ana Cinta González Cabral and Pierce O’Reilly find that low-taxed profit of NMEs does not only exist in low-tax jurisdictions


Future tax challenges in an AI-driven economy

Artificial intelligence and automation have implications for tax policy. Spencer Bastani and Daniel Waldenström discuss how the economic impact of new technologies is relevant to the taxation of labour and capital


Broader border taxes in the EU

The EU needs new resources to fund its budget. Pascal Saint-Amans considers the problems of tax leakage and discusses how the EU can access new funds


Taxing the wealthy

Taxing the wealthy effectively and equitably presents a choice between wealth and capital income taxes, each with its own trade-offs. Spencer Bastani and Daniel Waldenström compare the effectiveness of the two forms of taxation


Carbon leakage and international cooperation

Climate change is a collective action problem that requires substantial international cooperation. Christofer Schroeder and Livio Stracca present new evidence that carbon taxes are undermined by ‘leakage’


Tax for climate finance should start with shipping

Pascal Saint-Amans argues that emissions from international shipping are the most realistic target for taxes to pay for climate spending in developing countries