Climate Action


Seizing leadership in the net zero economy

The EU is at a crossroads. Linda Kalcher and Neil Makaroff discuss if the European Union will lead the charge in the green economy or trail behind its global competitors in the US and China


Heat stress at work

There are significant consequences of climate change for public health. Aude Cefaliello argues that intense heat is not just a hot topic but a political emergency and we must rethink how work is organised


Rippling out

Biden’s tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles will impact Europe. Uri Dadush on how the US approach diverges from that of the EU, which is building a case for countervailing duties under WTO rules


“Know thyself”

Failure to meet the Paris climate goals poses economic challenges that have an impact on central banks’ work, argues Frank Elderson. To avoid mistakes, policymakers must address the resulting structural changes


An assessment of IRA climate measures

Simon Voigts and Anne-Charlotte Paret assess emissions reduction, fiscal costs and the macro effects of the Inflation Reduction Act


Carbon leakage and international cooperation

Climate change is a collective action problem that requires substantial international cooperation. Christofer Schroeder and Livio Stracca present new evidence that carbon taxes are undermined by ‘leakage’