Climate Action


Carbon leakage: an additional argument for international cooperation

Climate change is a collective action problem that requires substantial international cooperation. Christofer Schroeder and Livio Stracca present presents new evidence that carbon taxes are undermined by ‘leakage’


Smarter EU industrial policy for solar panels

The EU plans to double solar PV capacity by 2030. Ben McWilliams, Simone Tagliapietra and Cecilia Trasi argue that the EU carry on importing from China but implement an industrial policy that intervenes in sectors that are more likely to contribute to sustainable economic growth


Climate policies carry political costs, but those costs can be mitigated

Davide Furceri, Michael Ganslmeier and Jonathan Ostry argue that climate policies must be calibrated carefully if they are to be accepted by the public and thus not hurt politicians’ electoral chances


Making industrial policy work

The decarbonisation of the automotive industry is creating a skills shortage. Conor McCaffrey and Niclas Poitiers argue for EU member states to allow the EU to get more involved in skill policies


Europe’s under-the-radar industrial policy: intervention in electricity pricing

Ben McWilliams, Giovanni Sgaravatti, Simone Tagliapietra and Georg Zachmann outline the trade-offs European governments must confront to meet the challenge of decarbonising their countries’ economies


What is a just transition and how does it affect the financial sector?

The move to a net zero future entails profound changes for societies and economies. Ivana Popovic, Alexandre Köberle and Michael Wilkins discuss a just transition with a particular focus on the financial sector