WCR Best Eco-Location and Sustainable Tourism Destination 2022

News release

World Commerce Review is pleased to announce that St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean, has been awarded the Best Eco-Location and Sustainable Tourism Destination 2022.

As the global pandemic recedes tourism and travel are returning globally, it is now recognised by international bodies and governments that sustainable and eco-friendly tourism is key. Our panel have examined the best locations that have placed the environment at the heart of their tourism programmes.

In selecting St Helena, the judges noted the unspoiled characteristics and natural beauty as well as the flora of the location. They were particularly impressed with the St Helena Government’s plans to balance responsible tourism with protecting the natural environment. This is especially vital for the British Overseas Territory because it is home to more than 500 species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on Earth – meaning the 47sq. mile island is home to more than of the endemic biodiversity in all of the United Kingdom and its territories. The remote island is also proud to be surrounded by a Category VI Marine Protected Area. St Helena also directly link its tourism practices with vital environmental initiatives like the St Helena Cloud Forest Project, facilitated through local and overseas partnerships.

The World Commerce Review awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of endeavour. Our award programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market. The World Commerce Review awards are recognised as the principal indications of professional conduct and excellence. The selection panel took into account product innovation, on-going customer support and best practice criteria as well as a continuing commitment to deploying the best possible solutions for linking green and blue local government agendas to its tourism and marketing practices.

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About St Helena

St Helena Island is one of the remotest islands on Earth. Located 1,200 miles from Africa and 1,800 miles from South America, the 47sq. mile island is a sub-tropical paradise where the mountainous terrain and micro-climates create an astounding diversity of landscapes all within a few minutes’ drive. You can easily discover the island’s essence through its highly accessible natural and built attractions. Dive into a culture evolved from influences of Europe, Africa and Asia. Sample some of the most thrilling adventures, heart-warming encounters and culinary treats. The British Overseas Territory is a breath of fresh air in today’s world, boasting extremely low air pollution, a pristine ocean environment, a small and safe community (population 4,439) and a lack of reliance on modern technology (cell service was only introduced in 2015). It is an off-the-beaten-track, bucket-list destination that your friends will envy. The island is comfortingly familiar yet heart-warmingly different – a world of its own. On St Helena, there is so much to explore.

For their continued diligence and excellence, and in recognition of their innovation, expertise and services, WCR is proud to award St Helena the Best Eco-Location and Sustainable Tourism Destination 2022.

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