WCR Best Digital Jurisdiction 2019

News release

World Commerce Review is pleased to announce Bermuda has been awarded the WCR Best Digital Jurisdiction 2019.

The judges observed the commitment to detail and customer care provided by Bermuda and were impressed with the skill, knowledge and awareness provided.

The World Commerce Review awards celebrate achievement, innovation and excellence across several fields of endeavour. Our award programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market. The World Commerce Review awards are recognised as the principal indications of professional conduct and excellence. The selection panel took into account product innovation, on-going customer support and best practice criteria as well as a continuing commitment to deploying the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients.

About World Commerce Review

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About Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation

The Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are today’s great enablers of progress and Bermuda is harnessing them in order to continue punching above its weight on the global stage, most currently through its work to solidify its place globally in the innovation space. The Department of ICT Policy and Innovation provides policy support to the Ministry of National Security in the areas of fintech, cybersecurity, e-skills and privacy.

The Department of ICT Policy and Innovation focuses on promoting the key role that technology plays as a powerful driver in helping to achieve many of Bermuda’s economic, social and environmental objectives. Its mandate is also to support Bermuda as it continues to be recognised as a prime jurisdiction that leverages and advances the digital economy, capitalising on the benefits of technology and remaining current in the areas of technology-related policies and legislation. This helps to move the Island forward and to provide benefits and opportunities for its stakeholders.

The Department of ICT Policy and Innovation’s mandate is to advance innovative, cyber-safe and cyber-secure communities for a leading digital economy. In order to create and maintain a productive, inclusive and innovative environment for economic development enabled by ICT, the Department provides the following functions:

-Policy and legislative development (privacy, cybersecurity, fintech);

-Marketing, promotion and outreach; and

-e-Business awareness and development.

In delivering these functions, the Department works with a diverse stakeholder network, including local and international business communities, educational institutions, regulatory bodies, specialist workgroups, charitable entities, local and international associations, government entities, international bodies and the general public.

For its continued diligence and excellence in this field, WCR is proud to award Bermuda the WCR Best Digital Jurisdiction 2019.

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